State-of-the-art care

last modified: 26 Sep 2018
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Our office is equiped with the latest diagnostic equipment coupled with electronic medical records to ensure optimal patient care.

iVue® SD-OCT

iVue® SD-OCT retinal scan is part of our comprehensive eye exams for early detection of sight threatening diseases to help prevent vision loss and more serious complications. Click here for more information.

Compu Vision CV-5000

Compu Vision CV-5000 is State-of-the-art equipment that makes lens selection easier, quicker, and more accurate. Takes the stress out of selecting the optimal lens.

  • Compare old & new prescriptions
  • Shows "Why you need glasses"
TOPCON auto-refractor

The TOPCON KR-8000PA is the most advanced equipment for determining eyeglass prescription, and mapping the corneal topography for optimal contact lens fitting.

  • Fast
  • Extremely accurate

iFusion is a digital fundus camera that integrates with the OCT retinal scan combining the latest technology imaging for optimum eye care. This combination gives us the most accurate diagnostic toll for most eye diseases.

Electronic Medical Records

Integrated electronic medical records to ensure accuracy.

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